Graduate Courses


ENGG 6610 Urban Stormwater Management

The course addresses stormwater management system design to minimize the effects of urbanization on flooding, channel geomorphology, groundwater recharge and quality, receiving water quality and aquatic communities. The importance of integrating low impact development and source controls in a management strategy is stressed. Students design traditional minor system components, lot-level and conveyance systems (including infiltration practices, vegetated swales, bioretention filters), and an extended detention wet pond. The course is delivered using lectures, discussions of journal articles, student presentations, guest lecturers and field trips. Supplemental materials are provided on WebCT. An oral exam and a design project are the major course evaluation components.


ENGG 6910 Stream and Wetland Restoration

This course explores the multi-disciplinary principles of stream and wetland restoration and the tools and techniques for restoration design. Students are exposed to stream and wetland restoration literature from a wide variety of disciplines. The importance of starting with headwater systems and “looking to the watershed” for restoration opportunities is emphasized. Restoration design is approached from a water resources engineering perspective with emphasis on hydrological (water balance) and hydraulic techniques. Numerous case studies, incorporating field trips and guest lecturers, are examined as a means of identifying more successful design approaches and lessons learned from construction challenges.


ENGG 6910 Ecological Flow Assessment

This course guides students through a large and interdisciplinary body of literature. The natural flow regime is discussed in relation to requirements for connectivity along the channel and with ripiarian and hyporheic zones, geomorphic functions and physical habitat, water quality and food webs. Important characteristics of an ecological flow assessment process and a wide variety of tools to quantify flows are reviewed.






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