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Douglas M. Joy, P.Eng





School of Engineering


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Research Interests

  • Bacterial Transport in Hydrologic Systems
  • River Processes On-site System Design and Regulation
  • Impact of On-site Systems on Ground and Surface Water Systems

Septic Systems

There are over 1 million septic systems in Ontario alone. The basic design and regulations for these have remained relatively unchanged for 40 years. High levels of rural groundwater contamination indicates that many of these systems are working below acceptable levels and changes are required to alleviate the problem. Our work is focused on helping to better define the degree of contaminant migration (especially bacterial contamination) from septic systems so that designs and regulations can be improved to a level which will significantly reduce contamination. Funding has come from the National Science and Engineering Research Council, Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy, and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


A variety of projects have been undertaken that focused on hydrology. I recently evaluated and updated the Index Flood Method used by the Ontario Ministry of Transport for determining design flood flows for culverts and small bridges on ungauged watersheds. The updated version resulted in an improved and simplified method of estimating flows. Other recent projects have looked at the potential for power production on the Sechelt River in British Columbia, the History of Flooding in Ontario and the low flow characteristics of rivers in Malawi.

Contamination of Surface Water by Liquid Manure

Three years of field studies that examined the potential for land applied liquid manure to travel through the soil, into tile drains and then into surface waters have recently been completed. A variety of field conditions and spreading methods were tested with results ranging from no transport of bacteria through the soil system to transport through the soil system within minutes resulting in significant levels of surface water contamination.


Journal Articles

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