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The Guelph Engineering Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. Publication in the Journal is a multi-step process

Manuscripts must be submitted in the Journal format. A complete description of the Journal format is given in documents below. Manuscripts are to be submitted in Microsoft Word 2000/2003/XP (.doc) or Open Office (OpenDocument Text .odt) formats. It is strongly recommended that authours utilize the template file below when preparing their manuscript for submission. Manuscripts that are not properly formatted, or submitted in other file formats, will be returned.

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor. If the manuscript is of sufficient quality, it will be forwarded to several anonymous reviewers. Based on reviewer feedback, the manuscript may be rejected, accepted for publication, or returned to the authour for revisions to raise the quality of the manuscript to a publishable level. The reviewer's comments and recommendations will be communicated to the authour by the editor.

A copyright form must be completed, signed and dated, and submitted to the editor before publication of an article. The authour is required to certify that all material in the published article is the authour's original work, or that the authour has obtained written permission to republish material from the original authour. A paper will not be published until this form is completed and on file with the editor.

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