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All manuscripts submitted for publication in the Guelph Engineering Journal (GEJ) are subject to anonymous peer-review. All communication regarding an article passes through the Editor: the identities of reviewers are held in strict confidence, and will not be revealed to manuscript authours.

Reviewers will receive manuscripts for review by email, unless another form of communication is preferred. It is requested that manuscript reviews be completed in a timely manner. Please make small editorial changes directly within the manuscript file, and return the modified manuscript file to the Editor. This modified file will be forwarded to the manuscript authour for their use, so please do not include any comments that could identify you to the authour.

The GEJ manuscript review form is an integral part of the review process, and is used to communicate the reviewer's overall opinion of a manuscript to the Editor. Please complete the form below, and return it to the editor.

Manuscript reviews are the primary means of evaluating the publication-readiness of manuscripts. After reviews are received, the editor informs manuscript authours of the review results. If reviews are sufficiently positive, a manuscript may be published without further modification. Manuscript authours may also be invited to modify their manuscript in accordance with the reviewers comments, and resubmit the manuscript for consideration. Manuscripts may also be rejected outright.

The reviewing process is an integral part of the Guelph Engineering Journal, and the efforts of reviewers to ensure the highest quality publications are appreciated.

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