John Runciman PhD PEng



My research can be roughly divided into several basic themes. My Biomedical research has been ongoing from more that 20 years and has included a large number of diverse projects. A selection of these would include, halo pin mechanics and MRI compatibility; bone plate modelling and biomechanics, joint reconstruction, soft tissue testing, hard tissue biomechanics and cardiovascular research. I have also worked in the area of assistive devices and equipment design.


My research focus as seen a shift towards activity biomechanics. In particular, I am currently exploring waterskiing biomechanics and canoe paddle mechanics. In both of these research programs, my aim is to improve the accessibility of the sports for all people and in particular our aging population through a better understanding and optimization of the science behind the equipment.



Research & Design

Single Hand Bike Brake Design

Dyson Canada Design Competition Winner, 2007

Mobile Dental Van Design

Smiles Foundation, Dominican Republic

Horse Hoof Research

Canoe Paddle Mechanics Research

Horse Cardiovascular Research

Water Skiing Biomechanics Research

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