John Runciman PhD PEng

Water Skiing Research

Update:  October 2010

 The summer of 2010 was a busy one for our water skiing research that capped off a year of new developments.  In the fall of 2009, a full time MSc student, Jordan Bray-Miners started working on the project.  Jordan, recently completed his BSC in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s, and has a lifetime of waterskiing experience.  With Jordan’s involvement the project has now grown to include involvement with Connelly Skis, and Lighthouse Lake Water Sports Centre near Bancroft, ON. 


New instrumentation was developed this year to measure 3D ski orientation.  This wireless sensor transmits at 20 Hz to the boat based data collection system.  Our helmet based skier GPS was also upgraded and now transmits at 5 Hz to the boat. Rope load and boat GPS instrumentation remained unchanged this year.   Two testing sessions were conducted during the summer.  A group of 6 advanced non-competitive skiers were assembled and put through a standard slalom course at Lighthouse Lake using a series of four different high end skis.  Results from the testing are still pending. 

2010 water skiing subject and wireless instrumentation:  helmet (5 Hz velocity and heading) and ski (20 Hz, 3-d orientation and acceleration).