Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh, P.Eng, Assistant Professor

Room 212, Thornbourgh Building. Email: khosrowf@uoguelph.ca

There is no doubt that our freshwater resources are diminishing in quality and quantity. The impact of freshwater scarcity is being felt by both developing and industrialized nations. Integrated water management attempts to incorporate social, economic, environmental and technical dimensions into planning and management of freshwater resources. It also ensures that all possible sources of freshwater have been taken into consideration such as rainwater, reclaimed water as well as more conventional water sources such as ground and surface water.

Our approach to integrated water management also includes water efficiency measures as well as the synergy between water, wastewater and energy. Such approach requires close collaboration with experts from various desciplines including water resource engineering, microbiology, ecology, economy, environmental sciences, land resources and geography to name a few.

A very good website was developed by my student, Sarah Montesano, which provides an excellent overview of various aspects of integrated water management.