Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh, P.Eng, Assistant Professor

Room 212, Thornbourgh Building. Email: khosrowf@uoguelph.ca

Fourth Year Design Projects

S. Akhtar; M. Hurl; and S. Neilands, 2004. Application of Batch Particle Counters for Indirect Monitoring of Membrane Integrity.

Hachey, J.P.; Haung, M.; and Morris, N,. 2004. Greywater Treatment and Reuse System for A Twonhome Community.

Keane, A.; Hearn, K.; and Murphy, C., 2005. Poultry Chill Water Reuse.

Bhattacharya, M.; Kajenthira, A.; and Young Lai, A., 2005. Microbial Fuel Cell for Rural Electrification.

Burrows, C.; Lee, C.; Littlejohns, J.; and Magnusson, L., 2005. Biohydrogen Production from Waste Streams.