Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh, P.Eng, Assistant Professor

Room 212, Thornbourgh Building. Email: khosrowf@uoguelph.ca


Joel Citulski - Optimization of tertiary membrane treatment for the removal of endocrine disruptors - in progress.

Fraser Kent - Pretreatment of RO feed to minimize biofouling - implication to water reuse - in progress.

Heather Murphy - Appropriate technology for water and sanitation in developing countries (Co-advised with Dr. Ed McBean) - in progress.

Stella Maris da Cruz Bezerra - Best water management approaches for the construction indusry in Brazil (Co-advised with Dr. Hung Lee) - in progress.


Katelyn Harris - Identifying opportunities for industrial ecology in the City of Guelph - in progress.

Jason McCullough - Square Peg, Round Hole: First Nation Technical Staff Perspectives on Federal Drinking Water Infrastructure Policies and Programs - in progress.

Don Lewis - Sustainability and the Second Law of Thermodynamics - in progress.

Janice Levangie - Addressing water risks in First Nations Communities in Canada - Completed September 2009.

Ni (Jessica) Zhang - Monitoring and Removal of Siloxanes in Anaerobic Digesters and Landfill Biogas - Completed March 2009.

Zebo Long - Wastewater Characterization and Best Management Practices in Food Processing Industry in Ontario - Completed September 2009.

Chantelle Leidl - Capacity Building for Large-scale Rainwater Harvesting in Canada - the Economics and Policy Considerations - Completed May 2008.

Christopher Despins - Capacity Building for Large-scale Rainwater Harvesting in Canada - The Design and Water Quality Considerations - Completed May 2008.

Cairan O'Toole - Design and Optimization of Microbial Fuel Cells Utilizing Cow Manure - Completed May 2008.Joel Citulski - Coagulation and Membrane Treatment of Secondary

Wastewater Effluent for the Removal of Phosphorus ad Endocrine Disruptors - Implications for Water Reuse - in progress - Completed January 2008.

Jian Xu - Comparison of Sand Filtration and MBR for Pretreatment of RO Feed Water for Wastewater Reuse - Completed December 2007.

Kaiping Zhang - Microorganisms Removal by Conventional Wastewater Treatment Processes and Membrane Bioreactors - Completed Fall 2005