Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh, P.Eng, Assistant Professor

Room 212, Thornbourgh Building. Email: khosrowf@uoguelph.ca

Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production

Pollution prevention is an approach that attempts to minimize waste generation at the source rather than relying on the end-of-the pipe treatment. The focus of pollution prevention is 1) prevention or reduction of pollution at the source, 2) reuse or recycling of pollutants; and 3) treatment of what is left and final disposal. This is achieved by developing an accurate inventory and mass balance of chemicals, water and energy used throughout the production. Once a clear inventory has been developed, attempts are made in reducing use of resources through change of production practices and processes or reuse of chemicals.

Wastewater Characterization and Best Management Practices in Food Processing Industry in Ontario

This project focuses on characterization of wastewater effluent from food processing industry that discharge into receiving bodies of water. In addition, based on the wastewater characterization results, a best management plan will be developed for these industries. The project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

MSc. candidate, Zebo Long, completed his research on this project in September 2009.