Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh, P.Eng, Assistant Professor

Room 212, Thornbourgh Building. Email: khosrowf@uoguelph.ca

Selected Publications

Farahbakhsh, K., Smith, D.W. Membrane Filtration for the Cold Regions Impact of Cold Water on Membrane Operation. J. Environ. Eng. Sci., in press.

Smith, D.W.; Guest, R.K.; Svrcek, C.P. and Farahbakhsh, K. Public Health Focused Risk Assessment of Water Treatment Systems for First Nations Reserves in Alberta , Canada . J. Environ. Eng. Sci., in press.

Farahbakhsh, K.; Smith, D.W.; Guest, R.K.; Dufresne, K.; and Adams, N. Validation of Membrane Integrity Tests with Bacillus Spores. Journal of American Water Works Association, in press.

Farahbakhsh, K., Svrcek, C., Guest, R.K. and Smith, D.W. Chemical Pretreatment and Low-pressure Water Treatment Membranes Recent Advances and Future Direction. 2004. J. Environ. Eng. Sci, 3 : 237-253.

Farahbakhsh, K., & Smith, D.W. Removal of Coliphages in Secondary Effluent by Microfiltration Mechanisms of Removal and Impact of Operating Parameters. 2004. Water Research, 38 : 585-592.

Farahbakhsh, K., and Smith, D.W., 2004. Estimating Air Diffusion Contribution to Pressure Decay during Membrane Integrity Tests. Journal of Membrane Science, 237 :1-2: 203-212.

Farahbakhsh, K., Adham, S.S., and Smith, D.W. 2003. Monitoring the Integrity of Low-pressure Membranes. Journal of American Water Works Association, 95 :6:95-107.

Farahbakhsh, K., Putz, G., and Smith, D.W. 2002. Application of a Dynamic 2-D Mixing Model to Assess the Impact of Chemical Spills on Raw Water Quality. Environmental Technology, 23 :7:813-823.

Farahbakhsh, K. & Smith, D.W. 2002. Performance Comparison and Pretreatment Evaluation of Three Water Treatment Membrane Pilot Plants Treating Low Turbidity Water. J. Environ. Eng. Sci, 1 :2:113-122.