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Information on the Site:

Background - A general overlook on wastewater recycling and summarize the rest of the site.

Public Perception - Addresses studies on public acceptance of wastewater reclamation and reuse projects

Epidemiology - A look at health studies that have been conducted on the effects of reclaimed water on it's users.

Regulations - An interactive, sortable database of regulations from various places around the world.

Technology - Information on the various technologies used in water treatment and reclamation plants.

Uses - Investigating possible uses and users of reclaimed water, as well as links to case studies in each category.

Impacts - The effect of a wastewater reuse project on the surrounding environment, focusing on groundwater recharge, with reference to the City of Guelph.

Canada - Descriptions of prior water reuse projects in Canada.

Reuse in Guelph - Updates and information on the current School of Engineering project.

Contact Us - Feel free to contact us through our web-based form.

Site Map - An organized list of all pages on the site.

References: A RefWorks Bibliographic Database has been created throughout the summer for all of the papers/sources related to water reuse that I have read. The list is current as of August 13/04. I hope to also include papers that I have come across that have been unavailable to read (need to be ordered). It is in Word Format. Click here for the document. For an export file so that it can be viewed in Refworks, Endnote, or another bibliographic program, please put in a request with the contact form.