Public Perception

The following is a summary of literature on public perception of water reuse projects. The first summary is from the Irvine Ranch Water District, California, written by the director of community relations. She worked extensively with the community to allow for successful implementation of water reuse projects in the area. She has published two works on public perception, both written towards engineers and public relations people involved with reclamation projects. It deals with such topics as creating education programs, dealing with the media, and developing good community relations.

The second summary is from CSIRO Land and Water in Australia. The report is a literature review of factors influencing public perception of water reuse projects. While the report tends to focus mainly on Australian studies, there is a lot of information on a wide variety of reuse projects throughout the world. The report discusses successful and unsuccessful water reuse projects, as well as factors that influence people in accepting these projects.

The third portion of this report is on Water Factory 21 in the Orange Country Water District. Until being demolished for the installment of the larger Groundwater Replenishment System, Water Factory 21 had operated for approximately 30 years with no significant problems in it's groundwater recharge project. It was installed in a time when the public did not care about where our drinking water came from, and has received very few public complaints.

The fourth section of this report is about the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles, California, located very close to the Orange County Water District. It discusses the problems that the city had in implementing a groundwater recharge system, and why the project failed.