My main research interests include applied cryptography, VLSI design, system-on-chip design, security and intelligent embedded systems design. In the area of security, I study the integration of highly secure cryptographic components into intelligent embedded systems. Specifically, the design and integration of on-chip countermeasure circuits against side-channel attacks, physically uncloanable function modules, and chaotic ciphers.  I am an Ontario P.Eng and a member of the IEEE, IEEE Circuits and System Society, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, and ACM organizations.



Teaching Research

Current Undergraduate Courses

ENGG*3640: Microcomputer Interfacing

ENGG*4420: Real Time Systems Design 

ENGG*4560: Embedded Systems Design

Past Undergraduate Courses

 ENGG*4550: VLSI Digital Design

ENGG4080(Analog IC design);  

ENGG*3380ENGG*3490; ENGG*4640;


    ENG41x: New/Old Projects

Graduate Courses

ENGG*6600 Embedded Systems Design

ENGG*6520: VLSI Digital Systems Design

 ENGG*6550: Intelligent Real Time Systems


   Cadence Tools at University of Guelph

    Graduate Students and Graduate Research



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