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Research Openings

Graduate students are currently needed for microhydro and energy modeling projects. Please contact me if you are a prospective graduate student interested in research in the following areas:
  • Archimedes screw microhydro system modeling, design and testing. This project will build on our current research, models and collaborations. Field and laboratory studies will be used to investigate the dynamics of Archimedes screws used for power generation, with a particular focus on developing models that can be incorporated into practical design tools. This project will involve both investigation of specific aspects of the Archimedes screw, and incorporation of findings into systems level models and analysis.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of Ontario greenhouses. Energy is one of the largest costs associated with greenhouse vegetable production. This project seeks to understand and model the factors that impact the internal climate of large-scale greenhouses, and develop complete-system models that can be used to identify energy savings through modified greenhouse design and operating protocols.
Students should have a strong background in the fields relevant to the project (e.g. fluid mechanics, heat transfer) and excellent writing and communication skills. These projects require both careful attention to detail and an ability to extrapolate to an entire system. Experience in experimental fluid mechanics or heat transfer, or computational fluid dynamics (CFD), would be an asset. Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status is also an asset.

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